Two veteran teams, working together

Seasoned security operatives work side-by-side with communications experts to evaluate your risk, develop a plan and execute the strategy


broad expertise, maximum effectiveness

We bring together all relevant disciplines to protect and serve you

• Security
• Loss prevention
• Risk mitigation
• Regulatory compliance
• Press relations
• Social media
• Stakeholder communications
• Community relations

On the ground, from east to west

The geographic diversity of our team enhances our responsiveness and your access

defense in depth

It all begins with an in-depth review of your vulnerabilities and existing protective measures

• Onsite risk assessment
• Security operations review
• Identify key stakeholders
• Interviews with key associates staff
• Review existing policies and procedures
• Document all findings

Planning = preparedness

Create a thorough plan that addresses each stage of a crisis,
from preparation to immediate response measures through to recovery


Appoint key personnel to crisis management and communications teams with specific roles and responsibilities


Develop an operations plan specifying policies and procedures for handling each phase of a crisis


Create a communications plan that integrates digital, social and traditional media


Develop contact lists for key stakeholders, media and social influencers


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Feasibility Studies

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Sara William

CEO at Webflow

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Raven Durgan

Architect at Group

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Sami Typo

SEO at Balfin

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