Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Inspect what you expect

David Trumble

Unlike emergencies we may face at home, we may not fully consider our vulnerability during a crisis in the workplace.  

It would be logical to assume that there is a team of professionals in our workplaces who are well versed in crisis management and that a sound contingency plan is in place at all times.  If it’s like most companies, your workplace likely has the support of security, legal and compliance professionals.

But does your company have a crisis management program? Have you seen it?  If so, does it include clearly established protocols and training at all levels and is it updated constantly and is practiced routinely?  

Here are six questions to ask your crisis management team:

  • What constitutes a crisis for our organization?
  • When was the crisis management plan last updated?  (annually at minimum)  
  • Does your organization have an established chain of command and is that team trained to manage a crisis?
  • When was the last time your organization conducted a crisis management drill? (annually at minimum)
  • Have you fully considered the consequences that a crisis could have on your future financial viability?
  • Does your current enterprise crisis plan extend to the field and individual unit operations?  

Crisis Management should be considered an integral part of an organization’s operational health and success.  Most companies conduct regular financial and performance reviews. Your company also should review and practice its crisis plan.

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